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We'll walk with you.
CPC is made up of passionate followers of Jesus Christ who are not only gifted in showing compassion but are also licensed masters-level mental health practitioners. With our years of experience and heart for people, we will help you find the path God has set before you and walk with you even though the journey is difficult. No matter where you may be now, we would love to walk with you on the path of God's will.

Faith-based Perspective. Evidence-based practice.
CPC offers a wide range of complimentary services to meet the needs of individuals, families, the greater Faulkner County area, and even the entire state of Arkansas. We also work hard to ensure that we're utilizing the most current and proven evidence-based practices for whatever struggle our clients may be having. This allows us to use a team approach to address challenges that impact family systems.

CPC also offers marital therapy, premarital counseling, family therapy, online counseling, substance abuse counseling, and medication management. We are also happy to work with employers, churches, schools, and other groups to help them understand issues they may be facing (grief, stress, depression/anxiety), concepts that could help them achieve their mission (communication, team cohesion, stress reduction), and how to best utilize mental health services.

Affordable counseling.
At CPC, we do everything we can to ensure that no person struggling is kept from getting help on the basis of cost. We'll work with you every step of the way to check insurance benefits, submit preauthorizations, and submit out-of network claims if necessary to minimize the out-of-pocket expense to you as much as possible. For those who don't have insurance, we have clinicians whose fees are based on need and use a formal sliding fee scale in such cases.


We offer…

⁃ Adult Individual Therapy
⁃ Premarital Counseling
⁃ Marital/Couples Counseling
⁃ Child Therapy
⁃ Family Therapy
⁃ Family Reconciliation
⁃ Parent Support Counseling
⁃ Behavior Planning/Intervention
⁃ Coparent Counseling
⁃ Divorce Adjustment Counseling
⁃ Grief Counseling
⁃ Online Counseling
⁃ Addictions/Substance Abuse Treatment
⁃ Employee Assistance Programs

Non-treatment services include…

⁃ Parent Coordination
⁃ Church Member Assistance Programs
⁃ Workshops & Seminars
⁃ Case Consultation
⁃ Church Staff Consultation/Trainings


We can help with…

⁃ Depression
⁃ Anxiety/OCD
⁃ Stress
⁃ Shame and Guilt
⁃ Spiritual Issues
⁃ Anger and Bitterness
⁃ Strained Relationships
⁃ Codependence
⁃ Marital Issues
⁃ Addictions and Recovery
⁃ Trauma Recovery
⁃ Grief and Loss
⁃ Child Behavioral Issues
⁃ Divorce Adjustment
⁃ High-Conflict Divorces
⁃ Coparenting
⁃ Seasons of Change


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